Saturday, December 26, 2015

Do Black Lives Matter and Islamic Radicals Have the Same Bosses?

by Al Benson Jr.

There was all manner of "information" spread across the Internet in recent days about a big Black Lives Matter protest  that those people were going to hold at the Mall of America in Minneapolis over Christmas weekend. They were going to force shoppers to endure their leftist propaganda in order to finish their shopping and I guess they figured on intimidating many of the businesses there, quite possibly to wring some sort of concessions out of them now or later. However, their balloon burst before they quite got it all the way blown up.

Seems that lots of the business owners there didn't feel they wanted to put up with all that hassle and so they just shut down early and went home, and lots of police showed up and what was supposed to be a major propaganda event with about 3,000 protesters ended up with a fizzled-out group of about 600 who never really got to protest. Poor babies! I just bet it ruined their whole weekend!

Then I saw a brief article on  where a Black Lives Matter activist was interviewed by Carol Costello of CNN (of all places). The article observed: "A Black Lives Matter activist was unable to provide any 'stats' to back up her claims about 'rampant' Islamophobia and discrimination against black people at US airports, offering up her 'experiences' instead.  When questioned by CNN's Carol  Costello about the Black Lives Matter movement's decision to disrupt  a Minneapolis airport on Wednesday amid terror concerns,  Asha Long replied with a point that didn't seem to answer the question." She spouted: "Safety for black lives is an illusion, especially at the airports. As you know...Islamophobia is rampant, especially in the airports.  So many people are taken off their flights and harassed." Costello pressed her for evidence of this. Guess what? She didn't have any! Everybody is just supposed to take her word that this is how it is. Who needs evidence if someone black makes an accusation. You just automatically believe it and that's it! She rambled on about how she saw her Muslim counterparts being daily harassed.

Folks, I've flown out of Minneapolis and there were lots of Muslims there waiting to fly out. From all that I could see, they got through the lines and all the TSA gobbledygook lots quicker than most white folks did. I supposed they felt "discriminated" against because they weren't just allowed to board the planes with none of the harassment that the rest of us have to put up with. Comrade Long felt it was a great idea to disrupt a major airport at a time when heightened security measures were in place.

Her large concern of the "harassment" of her "Muslim counterparts" almost makes you wonder if the same hand is guiding the Black Lives Matter group and some of the Muslim groups that are raising such a fuss in this country. You don't suppose that there is any possibility that many of these groups are nothing more than puppets in the hands of some group behind the scenes who uses them to further its agenda do you? Naw, that could never happen in America--could it? If that's your attitude I've got a lovely bridge in the Arizona desert I'd love to sell you. Make me an offer!

If someone has the time, it would be interesting if they did some homework and started checking out how the demands of many of these present radical groups compare with the demands of leftist radical groups in the last 100 years. Then put the two lists side by side and see how many similarities you can find. I'm sure it would be an enlightening intellectual exercise. And for those who still believe that old saw about "communism being dead" it might be somewhat of a shock.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What's YOUR Solution?

by Al Benson Jr.

Over the years, though mostly over the last few, as I have researched and then written about certain events, people, history, etc. that are, shall we say, less than favorable, I have gotten comments back from people who say basically, "we already are aware of the problems you discuss, but what's YOUR solution to them."

Let me say, at the outset, that most of these folks are well-intentioned and many of them share many of the same concerns I do from a Christian perspective. But most want to know what MY solution to these problems is. Let me turn it around a bit and ask some of them what THEIR solutions to these problems are. It almost seems, in many cases, that because I have pointed out the problem, I should automatically have the solution to it--and if I don't when why bother pointing it out?

When I first became involved in what some call "political activism" (though at root it's much more theological than political, and everyone's politics is a result of their theology anyway) over 45 years ago now, I knew nothing. I didn't as I have often said "know upside down from inside out." I was given a book about Communism by a preacher in a Bible class, which I read, to my horror, and it went from there. I have never gone back. I couldn't. Reading that book changed the whole direction of my life and I never could go back once I started learning about Communism and its attendant evils, which actually stretch way beyond Communism and all the way into boardrooms in banks in New York and other places and into the boardrooms in organizations in New York and London. But I didn't know any of that then. All I knew was that Communism was bad and, that as a Christian, I had to oppose it (Ephesians 5:11).

To my surprise, I found that most Christians couldn't have cared less. To them it was all "politics" and politics was "dirty" and so they avoided it. It was "of the world" and they were heavenly minded, so maybe they voted and maybe they didn't and that was about the extent of it, if that. It never seemed to occur to them that politics might have been less dirty if concerned Christians had been more knowing and more discerning about what went on. And so as I went along, I found that, as I sought to expose Communism for what it was, most of my opposition came from Christians. It was no different when we went to home school our children. Most of our opposition came from Christians who thought our kids would be much better off if we just enrolled them in the local public school. Well, my family and I lived in Kanawha County, West Virginia for part of the huge textbook protest that went on there in the mid-1970s and after what we saw there, there was no way our kids were ever going to attend public schools--anytime, anywhere. But I digress.

In my attempts to point out the evils of Communism to Christians, I found that most were totally uninterested. One preacher told me flat out that I was nuts. Others were not quite so straightforward but the thought was there if not expressed. Most of these folks never understood the theological nature of Communism, and what's more, they didn't want to. I was the congregational kook in some churches we went to. One man told me that when he first came to the church we attended at the time, when he asked about me he was told that I was "extremely conservative...and probably a member of the John Birch Society." Well, they were right about the JBS membership, and politically incorrect as I am, I'm not ashamed of it.

I recall back when we lived in Indiana, I read Whittaker Chambers' book Witness. It was Chambers' narrative of how he had been high up in the Communist apparatus, and of his dealings with Alger Hiss, who was also high up in the same apparatus. At some point Chambers broke with the Party because his conscience finally got to him and he could no longer handle the deceit. It was interesting that, when Chambers broke with the Communists, he actually thought they were going to win and that he would be on the losing side--but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. I was always impressed by that and it stuck with me--win or lose, as a Christian, you do the right thing!

As I went along and kept reading, looking, and asking questions, I learned that it was not only the Communists we had to worry about, but it was also the people that financed the Communists, that set up dictatorships and bought and paid for revolutions all around the world. I found out about groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, and later the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgers and other like-minded groups around the world. Actually the monopoly capitalist and the Communist have much the same worldview when you peel a few layers off the package and really look at it. One scratches the others back and one fronts for the other and together they play the old "pressure from above and pressure from below" game on the American public. I've been watching that happen here since the 1970s and we have yet to get it, and whats more, most Christians just won't be bothered, so they never learn how they've been had, and what's worse, they will never learn how their children and grandchildren will be had because they were just too spiritually lazy to do anything except criticize the people that tried to tell them about it.

I'm getting carried away here. Over forty years of this stuff sometimes gets to you. So, maybe from now on, when I write an article or talk to someone about some of this and they say back to me "I'm in complete agreement with you on this, but what do YOU think we ought to do about it?" I should say to them "If you are in complete agreement with me on this, then what do YOU think we ought to do about it?

Some of these folks seem to think or intimate that, because I have written about something that I, automatically, ought to have all the answers about how to deal with it. Newsflash!!! I am not the smartest guy in the universe. I DON'T have all the answers. I've been researching for 45 years now and I don't have all the answers. I've got some, but not all, just like others have got some but not all. And no one that knows me would assume I have all the answers to all the problems.

Do I believe the Lord is in control of this chaos and confusion? Absolutely. But quite often the Lord chooses to exert that control through His people, and when they ain't having any of that, when they don't care enough to learn and then act on what they learn, He may just use someone else for awhile until they get the message, and that might take two or three generations given our present mindset.

So, folks, if some of y'all that read what I write agree with me, please don't think I have all the solutions to the problems we face. I don't. Just maybe you need to start asking the Lord what he'd have YOU do instead of asking me what I'd do.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Going on Than You Can Keep Up With via Political Correctness

by Al Benson Jr.

What with 2 blogs going and the continuous barrage of political correctness and ethnic cleansing going on it has gotten to the point where the 2 blogs are not enough so I am attempting to resurrect this one to go along with them. We'll see if it works out.

What made me realize I needed to do this was an article from a blog called Fellowshipofthe which had some informative commentary on it. It started off  by asking the question: "Someone please tell me why we had voted a Republican majority to the House and Senate?" That's a good question, because this new Republican-controlled Congress is doing everything Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would want. It's the same as continuing to have a Democratic-controlled Congress. The voters voted in the last election to remove many of the Democratic untra-liberals (socialists) from Congress and replace them with conservatives. However this current Congress is voting almost exactly the same way it did when the Democrats controlled it.

The new "conservative" (and you have to grit your teeth when you say that) Republican-dominated House, let by that sterling "conservative" Paul Ryan has caved in and given Comrade Obama all the socialist goodies he wanted. They claimed it was to keep the government from shutting down. Balderdash! They did it because Ryan and the rest of the House leadership thinks the way Obama does. Is there a "dimes worth of difference?" If there is it's a pretty thin dime?

So, once again the American public has been sold out. They were ticked off enough to boot many socialists out in the last election and elect people who were supposedly conservatives and now these pseudo-conservatives are laughing at them and letting them know that, no matter who you vote for or against, the socialist agenda will continue to go forward because, at heart, both major parties have the same socialist One World Govt. worldview and they have no intention whatever of giving the voters a more conservative Congress because that ain't in the game plan.

After all those grim videos showing the grisly practices of Planned Parenthood in harvesting baby parts this "conservative" House fully funded Planned Parenthood again and they will also support Obama's Global Warming scam and they will do little or nothing about the illegal immigration problem except expend lots of political gas telling you how much they are opposed to illegal immigration while they enact measures that will do nothing to stop it. They and Obama have to be laughing all the way to the bank at how they manage to stiff the public and the public still can't seem to get it.

When the socialists in Congress supposedly get voted out and conservatives supposedly get voted in, guess what--you still get a socialist agenda--which means there is one group in Washington and New York that is controlling both parties, so you only get what they want no matter what or no matter who you vote for. I plan to go into this a bit more in future articles. Stay tuned!

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