Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Going on Than You Can Keep Up With via Political Correctness

by Al Benson Jr.

What with 2 blogs going and the continuous barrage of political correctness and ethnic cleansing going on it has gotten to the point where the 2 blogs are not enough so I am attempting to resurrect this one to go along with them. We'll see if it works out.

What made me realize I needed to do this was an article from a blog called Fellowshipofthe Minds.com which had some informative commentary on it. It started off  by asking the question: "Someone please tell me why we had voted a Republican majority to the House and Senate?" That's a good question, because this new Republican-controlled Congress is doing everything Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would want. It's the same as continuing to have a Democratic-controlled Congress. The voters voted in the last election to remove many of the Democratic untra-liberals (socialists) from Congress and replace them with conservatives. However this current Congress is voting almost exactly the same way it did when the Democrats controlled it.

The new "conservative" (and you have to grit your teeth when you say that) Republican-dominated House, let by that sterling "conservative" Paul Ryan has caved in and given Comrade Obama all the socialist goodies he wanted. They claimed it was to keep the government from shutting down. Balderdash! They did it because Ryan and the rest of the House leadership thinks the way Obama does. Is there a "dimes worth of difference?" If there is it's a pretty thin dime?

So, once again the American public has been sold out. They were ticked off enough to boot many socialists out in the last election and elect people who were supposedly conservatives and now these pseudo-conservatives are laughing at them and letting them know that, no matter who you vote for or against, the socialist agenda will continue to go forward because, at heart, both major parties have the same socialist One World Govt. worldview and they have no intention whatever of giving the voters a more conservative Congress because that ain't in the game plan.

After all those grim videos showing the grisly practices of Planned Parenthood in harvesting baby parts this "conservative" House fully funded Planned Parenthood again and they will also support Obama's Global Warming scam and they will do little or nothing about the illegal immigration problem except expend lots of political gas telling you how much they are opposed to illegal immigration while they enact measures that will do nothing to stop it. They and Obama have to be laughing all the way to the bank at how they manage to stiff the public and the public still can't seem to get it.

When the socialists in Congress supposedly get voted out and conservatives supposedly get voted in, guess what--you still get a socialist agenda--which means there is one group in Washington and New York that is controlling both parties, so you only get what they want no matter what or no matter who you vote for. I plan to go into this a bit more in future articles. Stay tuned!

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At December 23, 2015 at 7:45 AM, Blogger Insectman said...

Al, the hammer, nails another one.


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